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Oh What a Night!
Tuesday the 26th of February was launch day and what a day it was. We started setting up at the Irish Club at midday and just managed to have things in order for a 7.30 kick off. The club filled up quickly and by the time “Them Little Secrets” hit the stage, the room was at capacity. The girls delivered a great set, perhaps a little too great and I think their secret days are soon to be behind them.

I foolishly started our set with a solo number, which thankfully I survived and the line up grew from there. We were lucky to have a beautiful string quartet organized by the amazing Mel Robinson. The band performed like the folk heroes that they are. Just for the record, “The Self Righteous Brothers” are: Stuart Robertson on drums, Nigel Healy on guitar and vocals and Rod Scala on bass and sex symbol duties. My love and thanks to them for the way they rehearsed and starred on the night. Thanks to my very special guests, David Hyams, Lee Buddle and Jeremy Greig and also to Russell Holmes for his “MC-ing” and tambourine magnificence.

We played most of “Thoughts n All” and a couple of songs from “The New World Sadness Record Record.” I couldn’t resist taking the whole band for a run through “I Am The Walrus” which I consider to be one of the greatest songs of all time.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who came to the gig. Your generous reception to all our endeavors lifted us to great heights from which we are yet to come down. Thanks also to Graham Owens who was able to give us Rolls Royce sound on a moped budget. Photos from the gig will be up on the web page soon, but if you would like a sneak preview, follow this Youtube link for a beautiful slide show put together by Fiona Rea.

All the best everyone.


It's Here!
February 26th is the official launch date for Rhys’s new album “Thoughts ‘n’ All.”
It contains 10 new original songs, including the WAMI award winning “Another Sunday Morning.”

This album continues the poetic introspection started in “The New World Sadness Record Record” of 2009. The extensive use of a string quartet lends a slightly classical flavor to the Folk/Pop song structures. There are still moments of raw simplicity where voice and guitar alone carry the message.

To hear samples from “Thoughts ‘n’ All,” go to the media page and click on the tracks.

To read about the thoughts behind each track, read “About The Songs.”

At Last!
Rhys’s new album, “Thoughts ‘n All” is finally being mastered. It has taken such a long time to record, but thankfully, it’s worth the wait. The album contains 10 new songs including the WAM award winning “Another Sunday Morning.”

The new album continues on from where “The New World Sadness Record Record” left off, but with a broader sonic palette, due in no small part to the beautiful string arrangements of Mel Robinson.

Have a listen to the samples to get a feel for the album and stay tuned for release and performance dates!

We're happy to announce that on Wednesday night the 12th October,"Another Sunday Morning" won the World /Folk category of the WAM 2011 "Song of the Year." Thanks to the good judges and to all who played on the track. Special thanks to Mel Robinson and Lee Buddle. Check out the Youtube video for the song if you havn't already.

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Thoughts 'N All - Out Now
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April 26th - 28th
Rhys will be performing at the Fairbridge Festival.

Fairbridge Festival, Pinjarra WA
Every Thursday, 8-11pm
Rhys & Nigel Healy playing an acoustic set of things they like.

JB O'Reilly's, West Leederville